Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last episode: Ditched not Hitched

I struggled a bit with this, but here goes. For all of you who diligently followed the social series of my life from Smitten, Saying it like it is, Getting Noticed, Soap Files - Updated and the previous post, I'm afraid the last episode has gone according to what we least expected and feared most, NOT a happy ending.

Guess it's true what they say about two birds in a bush. When they fly away, it's as if you had nothing in the first place. No reasons were given, simply put: "A lot of thought has been put in this past week, and I think we should just be friends". Of course we'd prepared for this statement, having patiently waited 15 months, so we said what naturally comes to mind "Sawa". Unfortunately the attachment developed during this period isn't that easy to get rid off, so I'm at pains, the sharp splinters of my broken heart a daily source of emotional trauma.

Well, what next? We'll go undercover for a few months off the dating scene, till it's safe to bring out this patched up heart. Hopefully, the sun will still shine again :-(

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Adventures in Obamaland

After 4 weeks of a superb holiday, I'm back in the country. Still dealing with jet lag, but feeling very rested. Infact I've added weight, which is a pleasant surprise. I figure it's more to do with the absence of job related stress than the food, considering we were living on a Kenyan diet mostly.

So some highlights from the vacation:
- I didn't see Obama. Or Bush, despite the fact I was in Texas.
- Missed the sevens tournament in San Diego, but still had fun, posed in dream cars at the Dallas Car Show, and caught beads during the Mardi Gras parade. And finally got to figure out American Football, watching the Superbowl is the premier social event!
- You can actually have too many ads on TV. Spoils the watching experience entirely once you've gotten over the creativity bit.
- I've finally figured out the slow internet myth. It's all due to where the server is located. Opening yahoo and facebook is superfast but try nation or stockskenya, so slow!!!
- Recession is a reality. Companies shutting down, mortgage foreclosures, layoffs etc.
- Despite the domes in Runda, our best bet is in roads. I was impressed with the multi lanes (including a dedicated lane for high occupancy vehicles i.e. more than one person), massive interchanges (instead of stifling roundabouts) and general all round organization. Despite this they still have traffic jam especially going to downtown, and taking the train is the more convenient option.
- Telecoms have gone a long way. I was roaming on my local line during that period and 30 minutes talk time and some 60 odd texts cost only 5k.
- Being Kenyan is something good actually, when you are in another country. The community is so vibrant, you can attend a Kenyan church, go to a Kenyan club, and pretty much have your entire social circle being all Kenyan all the time!
- And finally, let's just say I've overcomplicated my social status. Details will not be broadcasted but in short new competition has shaken the incumbent up from their slumber...

So back to work for another 11 gruelling months ahead. With South America, Ocenia and Asia left, I wonder where the next vacation will lead me to.

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