Thursday, September 25, 2008

Young Kenyan Man in Switzerland

After a 6 month hiatus I'm back to my globe trotting ways. This time it was a conference for users of some equipment that we use at work. The company is based in Switzerland, so they chose somewhere in the Alps for purposes of making their customers feel special. I now realize why managers go for conferences, they hold the purse strings. Being a techie, I went there simply because I use the equipment more than anyone else.

The highlight of course was a glacier walk in the Alps. Being a Kenyan born and bred in Nairobi, snow is something I'd only seen up Mt Kenya from far far away. The Eastern European guys had a field day taunting me that I'd freeze to death. Then they pelted me with snow and made me eat it!!! But it was so much fun, at -7 degrees.

Nyahururu eat your heart out!!!

One thing about this beautiful country is that it comes with a hefty price tag. Everything is priced over the moon, and being in a tourist town, it was insane even for the other Europeans in our group. Guess I'd better look but no touching...

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Drink at your own peril

Sent on a work assignment at the Maasai Mara last weekend, I encountered a scene that will forever haunt me regarding drinking with pals. I never knew it was such a hazard when I saw the danger of hanging out at the water hole even when your mates are around you...

Sad fact was that the rest of the crew continued drinking like nothing had happened. Please drink responsibly and stay safe ;-)

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