Thursday, April 19, 2007

Technology dependence

Most of us know that feeling, you've lost your phone (actually you've handed it over to someone else unwillingly or unknowingly). Usually in this day and age, sim replacement is free and a low end phone can be acquired as fast as your dependence on a mobile device. The issue now comes as to how to recover and input your lost phone contacts. For me, I've like 3 sim cards, all of which have most of my important contacts. But all of them aren't updated and there are some pretty important contacts which I've recently updated. But for others, it's usually starting from scratch, using family, workmates and friends to get the regular contacts. But what about the clandes, chance meetings and unique people/business partners?

Now, I came across an interesting website. It's called For those of you with middle - high end handsets and GPRS set up, this site enables you to back up your phonebook, calendar, notes and even sms.

The set up is pretty simple, the system works by synchronizing the data from your phone with than on an online server. The handset should have some form of synchronization system, and it's a breeze setting up from this site. The only shida comes in restoring contacts, because one has to log in to the web account, back up the saved phone book and then synchronize again.

Other sites that offer a similar service include zyb and gsmsync. Tried them out, some a bit difficult to configure, but all in all a pretty decent way to save your phone book contacts on the net, that way you can recover them wherever in the world there is internet access.

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter - Life & Death

The following chain of events took place 2 nights ago, and they have left me quite pensive as to whether it was just a weird case of coincidence.

1. I attended an ekklesia meeting, and the study was about the women in Jesus geneaology i.e. Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary, five women whose strange and dodgy background, reputation, actions and/or circumstances experienced were somehow key in bearing of children whose lineage directly influenced the birth of the Christ child.
2. After the meeting, two of us are at a stage in Kilimani, picking a mat to head to town, when we come across a guy and two ladies. The guy was carrying a baby and the ladies were crying. The guy and one of the ladies crossed the road while one lady stayed on the side we were. I figured we go ask her what the problem was. She tells us that it's her baby. We ask what is the problem in particular. In the midst of tears she tells us that the baby is dead. Apparently, they were on their way to hospital and the baby died in the mat on the way. So they'd alighted and were going back home, seeing no point in going to hospital. I had no words to say, could only mumble pole.

3. The book I'd borrowed from the host of the meeting that evening, whose title blazed in my face while I was heading home is titled "The Five People You Meet in Heaven." I'd asked my pal as we headed to town 'where do babies go when they die? even Bathsheba's baby who was 7 days old?'

I'm still very much shaken after that sequence of events, still wondering what the full implication is. As for now, I'm more keen to appreciate all the people in my life.You give and take away, blessed be Your name. I also came across this blog which coincidentally has something to do with this.

Happy Easter

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