Monday, October 20, 2008

The soap files - updated

An update since the last full episode:

The Returning
She's back. She said she would. Of course I didn't believe. Some eighteen months ago, our friendship had started blossoming. She went away to do her Masters and as she was leaving, I asked whether I can delete her number (goodbye forever). She was like, no I'll come back for you. The nice guy that I am kept in touch, the occasional phonecall (duly footed by the company postpaid line). Last week, my phone rings, I see her Kenyan number, and she's malizad masomo. She'll holla sometime next week we hook up. What to do?

The Foreign Invasion
We sat next to each other on the flight from Zurich to Dubai. I ignored her, she had small talk with the other lady along the centre isle. Later when the drinks arrived, we started talking. And we couldn't stop, till a couple of hours later when we both fell asleep. One of those "connection" experiences they talk about. We even went for a coffee date in Dubai airport. An Aussie of Italian descent, she was quite knowledgeable on Kenya having friends in Kericho! Lowest point was when it came to revealing our ages, the look on her face showed it when it was evident that I'm much younger than her. Still we keep in touch via mail.

The X-factor
Version 2.0 called the week after the Swiss affair. Wanted to see me pronto! I'm like, niko kazini (after 6 pm). She still shows up, so had to shut down and go for drinks. After small talk, punctuated with long periods of silence, I'm asked why I don't keep in touch. I try answer logically, eeeh we ni ex, kuna vile sisi si mabeshte. Conversation degenerates into tense exchange. I still had to endure long period of silence as I drove her home. Surprisingly, she invites me in! I humbly decline and scatter. I write on her FB wall on her birthday, no communication since.

The Undergrad
We hang out jana. She turns 21 this weekend (her jamaa is also 21). I like her, and will stay friends with her, even though she'll definately pose a threat for the rest of the compe. After all, she knows how to make me laugh, is real + down to earth about everything, and we always have a great time when we hang out. Sadly, she affected the way I related with her elder sis, who was my classmate in primo, and was the reason I got to know her.

The Smitter
We are just friends, 10 months after here. Better friends but sijui niseme...

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