Thursday, May 06, 2010

MBA Day 1 - The Journey continues

Hey folks, been a while... I've traded shares, visited Austria by train, stood/knelt in front of church and a few other interesting things. But the highlight that has rejuvenated my blogging mojo is today's experience (actually orientation was on Monday - but today was the real deal): My first day of class in Masters in Business Administration.

Three hours later, I'm thinking this wasn't such a bad idea. Well it was time really that got me bugged, heck I started thinking about it sometime toward my final undergrad years when I read an article from Carnegie Mellon University about the entrepreneurial engineer i.e. need to understand my engineering studies will never help me get to fully understand and prosper in the corporate world. And since I'd set a target of before the big AGE, well here we go...

God's been pretty good to me because I've got a good grasp of work (read good relationship with the boss) to allow me the opportunity to manage my own schedule. The time factor is still an issue but luckily got a college that is conveniently placed near work to skive traffic (unfortunately comes with a hefty cost implication of doing an overseas degree in a local centre), plus a neat schedule of one week evening and one Saturday morning.

So how was class? Well I'm the youngest :-) which is quite an interesting dynamic. Almost 85% of the class is more of senior management and business owners (a few company directors), which I got to find out during orientation. Fact is one of my own employer's senior managers is in our class (desk-mate today), as well as three from one of our competitors. And most of them are scared stiff of finance, LOL! Guess I'm in very good company because last time I studied business was in KCPE...

So here's to the next two years of networks, late night studies, group work and a depressed level of social activity (read lonely girlfriend). I guess we can only hope and pray that the reasons will bear fruit at the very right time.

Eccl 12:12 (NCV) Be careful my son, about other teachings. People are always writing books, and too much study will make you tired.

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