Saturday, December 11, 2010

Young Kenyan Man in South Africa

Kunjani peeps. Yes, YKM finally got the opportunity to visit .za this week. Not pleasure unfortunately but strictly business. My employer sent me + boss down south to fact find on a system our affiliates in Cape Town implemented some 2 years ago, to justify the high cost of implementing it. Our PA happened to book me on flights (night and morning) which did not allow me the chance to visit the region as much (meetings all day) but for the little I got to see, was still memorable.


  • Cape Town is a very neat and organized city. Very superior road network on the major highways, sad if the rumours that Kenyans built their roads were true.

  • Got to stay in Century City (our equivalent would be Tatu City). Brilliant concept for work and play, live is limited to hotels and apartments.

  • Everyone talks to you in their own language expecting you to respond. Was quite a challenge since I figured responding in Zulu would bring about more confusion. My pal who works there advised that I respond in Kikuyu/Kamba so that they switch to English :-)

  • Post apartheid divide still exists, informally but very significant. Still wondering if economic empowerement can ever override social injustice.

  • Corporate challenges will always be the same, no matter the country. Was interesting, sharing experiences with our affiliates. Same same technical and political issues affect us all.

  • The women, mostly blacks, seem quite comfortable to be of large size. Wonder if its culture or food...

  • Seems the world is ever smaller. Knew six people (church, neighbourhood, work and campus) on the SAA plane back home. Seating next to my boss was not exactly the plan I had in mind but survived the trip anyhow.

Enjoy Jamhuri Day, won't you?

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