Sunday, October 07, 2007

Kazi mingi

You know I'm overworked when:

- By mid morning, my hair is a shaggy mess.
- I only know my sis is still existing coz I see her car parked at night as I get home.
- My workmates keep telling me I look stressed, like every other day.
- I've recently updated my music collection on my work laptop, but I feel like I've heard the songs too many times already.
- The senior colleagues tell me to get married so that I have an excuse to leave work before sunset.
- I've cash lying around coz I don't have time to go to the stock broker.
- I went for lunch at 5 pm last Friday.
- I've no clue what movies are showing currently.
- I respond to the question "How's work?" with "Mob sana" or "Crazy!"
- I have two lane highways for myself on my way home from work.
- I step in for a colleague so that he can simamia his pal's wedding on a sato.
- I missed my pal's wedding jana coz I was at work, arriving at 6.30 pm to find guys harakishad the reception coz of rain.
- I'm updating my blog on a sunday afternoon after completing some work.
- I already know where I'll be on Moi Day morning and next Sato morning, and almost definately next Sunday morning.

Despite all this, I'm actually getting to like my job. Give thanks for what you do, and how you are doing it (or how it's doing you) whatever the weather...

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