Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Celebration time, c'mon

Hi good people,

I'm back to work, following 24 days leave and obviously there's some difficulty involved in adjusting to the job environment as my body is having a hard time responding to early morning hours. Job is a bit interesting with some research project that involves surfing all day and playing with high end mobile handsets, so it's not all gloom.

Here's a peak at the highlight of an eventful break from kazi. Now with the increased crime rate, this isn't a topic to be handled lightly. I went for a 3 day retreat in Rongai and there's a place called Ongata Rongai Polo Club (a few km after Africa Nazarene University) that has paintball. For those unfamiliar with this game, it's simply air pressured guns firing balls of paint, loads of fun. Kitted with P.I. Crew uniforms, Darth Vader masks and Tommy guns, we were set to get it on. Unfortunately, there's some serious disclaimer one has to sign beforehand saying death or injury will be on one's head.

The pictures tell it all...

I'm 3rd left, this is the 'Peaches' team. We were competing with 2 other teams.
Planning time: The objective, capture a red flag positioned by the ref in the middle of the bush, and dump it in the opponents base.

If shot, one is expected to leave the pitch with hands up, touch a fence on one side at the middle of the pitch then head back to your own base before resuming the game.
That winning feeling...

The charges are 1k per person (kit, gun and 100 rounds of paintballs). It's a fantastic team sport, adrenaline kicks so much (psychology of a thug maybe?). Save for the sweaty mask (which must always stay on for safety), this is something every Kenyan fun lover must do in this lifetime.

Apart from this, the rest of the leave was expended in dates, sleep, tv and generally chilling out. On a business perspective, the chama for my classmates took off (I'm chairman) but the registration process with the ministry of social services is a hassle. I also assisted a friend write a business plan, which I hope if it works out, can become some consultant of sorts.

Finally, this is the 1st anniversary of I wish to thank all those who've read and especially left comments on this site.

Accolades in no particular order:

1. KBW: You saw that it was not good for a blog to be alone...
2. Nick: You were the first to mention my blog in your blog, and the first to comment...
3. Pesatu: You put me in your list of favourite blog sites, I'm truly honoured
4. Mushenzi: Small world, we work for the same company, I tracked you down commenting on my blog!!!
5. Hwambuig: You were inspired by me to start your own blog, I'm humbled.
6. Everyone else (anon or unanon - hakuna space ya majina zote) who've taken their time to visit, and especially comment on this blog. Without you, blogging makes no sense. I appreciate you all.
7. All the KBW bloggers who've allowed me to comment on your hallowed sites. I'm a simple person, it is an honour.

Hope the next 12 months will see/read better things. Cheers!!!

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