Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Another day, another dollar

I've no idea why I had this post, but it has something to do with making money. A colleague at work was wondering about whether he is living. Not in terms of breathing, rather as far as life is concerned. I mean, you get into the office, bombarded with mails, meetings and overdue reports and project assignments. At home, you are thinking of work. Out with your friends, whether the rave, pub or after church, you discuss work. Then what?

I figure if you aren't a shareholder in the company you work for, then that kind of effort will send you to the grave faster than a stroll through a lion pride in the Serengeti. My opinion, is get a life. Live for something that's greater than you, find a cause to put your effort in. Maybe serve as a volunteer for an organization, church or otherwise that helps people get by in life, meeting basic needs such as food, shelter, medical care, counselling and the like. You get my drift, sharing in these people's lives reminds you to appreciate the life you have and the job you slave for. It makes life worth living. Check this site out for another opinion.

Life and work without love and concern for others isn't worth it. But it's a conscious decision, because letting life drive you along will end up blinding you from the world that desperately needs you to fulfil your destiny, which is something everyone should know about. Dream big and share it with others that need to know so that they can dream and share, then we can live life that is truly life. No greater love than this; a man lays down his life for his friends - John 15: 13.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Return of the King...

Lost I am but not forgotten. Moved to Corporate Strategy section of the company, at least these guys give us work to do, so busy working on documents, updating procedures, plus a project for a 3 year projection of the industry. A bit involving, but hey, that's what I'm paid for.

Went out on an improptu ice cream date on Sunday with a girl who I'd known since high school but didn't acquiese to moves then. What a difference 8 years makes! But I'm not into the hook up thing for now, enjoying singlehood especially with very nice friends.

Bought 2 shirts yesterday evening at a supermarket, 3 lady friends helped me choose the colours. Apparently, one of the reasons I invest in chic friends is to help me get my style right, what better way than to have them choose colours for you (most men are colour blind!).

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

the law and its jargon

I began my corporate affairs rotation by going through a legal guideline concerning site acquisition, written for laymen. The objective was to examine whether the document was user friendly and easy to understand. Being told of this objective after struggling to comprehend what was going on was more like the cart before the donkey sort of thing. Despite having worked for a law firm several years ago, I still find legal jargon extremely confusing. Our stay here for the next couple of days does not look promising.

I surfed several blog sites containing information on an Afgan man named Abdul Rahman who faces a possible death sentence for converting to Christianity. I even posted my own opinion, see Mwas on

I must admit being a Christian in the 21st Century is unnerving. Asked a friend recently whether the faith has been watered down in the years gone by, and he was categorical that the situation might be dire as tolerance levels depreciate. Wonder if it is a case of more grace for more sin?

Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday Blues

Highlights of the weekend included hanging out with a friend who drove me around town and to my place, then to her place and finally dropped me off on my way back home. Interesting way of knowing someone better by watching their driving habits, she particularly made noise for everyone on the road! Also on sunday, hanged out with friends afternoon in a bachelor pad, then went out with my sis and niece, to hang with a neighbour of long time ago, who'd become Australian, it had been eight years since he'd left.

Monday drag day, nothing much, expecting to report to the corporate affairs dept tomorrow morning, so have spent the day surfing. Need to up productivity. Definately. My american girl hasn't sent mail, so a bit low. But another pal did so maisha not too bad!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The calm after the storm

turns out the job rotations for the financial department aren't ready. So we get a free day to lounge, what to do. Surfed the net all day mainly news stories and sports with a splash of telecommunication manuals for reading.
then sometime around noon, a girl pal of mine appears online on Yahoo messenger and we chat for 4 hours. we are pals but I tried to push a few buttons further up the scale but ended up back to ground zero. I shouldn't go there but hey, I'm a boy with feelings. save to say our friendship is more spiced up so to speak.
As for yesterday evening, went to a pal's home, one of the kids passed away. Got time to vibe a few friends, expressing feelings about death is a bit difficult, especially trying to get the God factor inside, for comfort.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

make or break day

It's been an important day for me. The chance to impress my superiors by doing a presentation on the handling of technical issues by the Commercial division of the company, by conducting a SWOT analysis on the business support systems currently in use. Having been given 10 days (including the last 2 weekends - which I did nothing), it's been a tight spot getting all the facts from different people across the company, conducting surveys and compiling the report. Now it was D-day, with the chief tech officer, several dept heads and managers present.

I used a management joke about how executives loaded antelope onto a small plane after a hunting expedition in the Masai Mara despite the pilot's warnings, only for the plane to crash land 100 metres from where it had crashlanded the previous year.

With me as the pilot, and the support systems as the plane, they actually laughed! This was good coz I'd tried it out on colleagues who didn't get the joke. So handling the questions was relatively easier (actually evading or going round them). Then my colleagues and I got free buffet lunch at the company cafeteria, where we exchanged info on how the grilling went.

With nothing to do for the remainder of the day, I've started my blog life. I'm heading out in 10 minutes, need to drop a letter for one of my referees to respond, because I'm yet to be confirmed as an employee, 4 months down the line. Until tomorrow, ADIEU!