Wednesday, September 12, 2007

They see me rolling...

It's been three weeks since I've had the priveledge of enjoying company resources i.e. mobility. And it was only by a stroke of luck that some jamaa was moved to our dept and since he had a ride from there, took one of our new rides and so I ended up hopping between some of the vehicles in the fleet.


1. The watchmen
At digs, they stopped calling me 'ndugu', they call me 'bwana mkubwa'. Sad to say but they now expect bigger handouts from me, which is a surprise coz I wasn't giving out any when I was javing.

2. The big sister
Now with smaller car, she's resorted to using me as the full time errand boy. I've done everything from chauffering her daughter, drycleaning, meat etc. Is this love, is this love that I'm feeling?

3. The relaz
They are in awe. I'm trying to tell them, "Hii ni gari ya kampuni!" But it doesn't count in their books, all they know is that I've hit the big league.

4. The honeyz
a. Fly chic leaving estate in the morning:
Me: (Stopping the car a few metres after passing her) Where are you headed?
Her: Kenyatta (which is totally in the opposite direction from where I'm headed)
Me: (After a few seconds of logic vs emotional war) Hop in.
Turns out she's a pal of a pal. Which should make us?

b. Other fly chic neighbour
We got to know each other due to javving together, then she bought her own ride and I was reduced to nothing. Now she recognizes the brother, which is good for temporary ego boosting.

c. The occasional hook ups
People have to be dropped home after coffee. Which is sawa in terms of knowing where they actually live. But maybe expectations are becoming too high?

5. My mind
After what happened to Odegle a while ago, it is now a constant that my level of worrying has gone up a notch higher. When you are parked in town or church and your mind starts thinking 'Did I lock the car?' 'Has it been stolen/towed/vandalized/crashed into?', then for certain, I'm not at peace with this nice thing I have been entrusted with. I wonder whether all car owners/drivers feel the same way at the beginning?

All in all, it makes moving around a whole lot easier, so I'll be thankful and enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Point of concern:
A pal's dad, a workmate and a pal's new born kid have passed away in the last couple of weeks. It been difficult dealing with it. Appreciate life, won't you?

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