Tuesday, March 21, 2006

the law and its jargon

I began my corporate affairs rotation by going through a legal guideline concerning site acquisition, written for laymen. The objective was to examine whether the document was user friendly and easy to understand. Being told of this objective after struggling to comprehend what was going on was more like the cart before the donkey sort of thing. Despite having worked for a law firm several years ago, I still find legal jargon extremely confusing. Our stay here for the next couple of days does not look promising.

I surfed several blog sites containing information on an Afgan man named Abdul Rahman who faces a possible death sentence for converting to Christianity. I even posted my own opinion, see Mwas on http://www.worldmagblog.com/blog/archives/023318.html

I must admit being a Christian in the 21st Century is unnerving. Asked a friend recently whether the faith has been watered down in the years gone by, and he was categorical that the situation might be dire as tolerance levels depreciate. Wonder if it is a case of more grace for more sin?


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