Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Return of the King...

Lost I am but not forgotten. Moved to Corporate Strategy section of the company, at least these guys give us work to do, so busy working on documents, updating procedures, plus a project for a 3 year projection of the industry. A bit involving, but hey, that's what I'm paid for.

Went out on an improptu ice cream date on Sunday with a girl who I'd known since high school but didn't acquiese to moves then. What a difference 8 years makes! But I'm not into the hook up thing for now, enjoying singlehood especially with very nice friends.

Bought 2 shirts yesterday evening at a supermarket, 3 lady friends helped me choose the colours. Apparently, one of the reasons I invest in chic friends is to help me get my style right, what better way than to have them choose colours for you (most men are colour blind!).


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