Tuesday, March 14, 2006

make or break day

It's been an important day for me. The chance to impress my superiors by doing a presentation on the handling of technical issues by the Commercial division of the company, by conducting a SWOT analysis on the business support systems currently in use. Having been given 10 days (including the last 2 weekends - which I did nothing), it's been a tight spot getting all the facts from different people across the company, conducting surveys and compiling the report. Now it was D-day, with the chief tech officer, several dept heads and managers present.

I used a management joke about how executives loaded antelope onto a small plane after a hunting expedition in the Masai Mara despite the pilot's warnings, only for the plane to crash land 100 metres from where it had crashlanded the previous year.

With me as the pilot, and the support systems as the plane, they actually laughed! This was good coz I'd tried it out on colleagues who didn't get the joke. So handling the questions was relatively easier (actually evading or going round them). Then my colleagues and I got free buffet lunch at the company cafeteria, where we exchanged info on how the grilling went.

With nothing to do for the remainder of the day, I've started my blog life. I'm heading out in 10 minutes, need to drop a letter for one of my referees to respond, because I'm yet to be confirmed as an employee, 4 months down the line. Until tomorrow, ADIEU!


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