Monday, September 04, 2006

5 dates in 10 days

Well the title speaks for itself, considering it was with different chics. And with 3 more lined up in the next 2 weekends, plus others still pending, one might feel obliged to state that their social life is on the up and up. Truth be told, while the stats are impressive, one question keeps popping up, 'how come you are still single?' It seems I'm bila feelings, or playing hard to get. I kinda like my freedom, makes me open to making more friendships bila pressure. How long will this last? Typical jamaa like me should get married in their early 30's, having settled careerwise, car, house etc. I still have like 7 - 9 years left so enjoy the fun, shall we? Met ex-chic version 2.0 jana in town, who was with her best friend. I was introduced as the jamaa who's tupad the chic, (ok, I think I recall that it was her who...), then asked when I'm taking her out, and reminded of her birthday next month. Handfed me chocolate in the process. You see why freedom is important?

My finances (read what is in my wallet/ATM, coz my stocks are looking good, and the wheat harvest was bumper) are in a mess, considering that it's the fourth day of the month, this is inexcusible. Unfortunately too many people have been on my case asking for help. I'm not the best at saying no to this kind of thing, especially if the reason is legit. Unfortunately, this has left me bone dry and considering dates, birthdays, and one of my colleagues giving birth jana, I'm hard pressed to explain what I do with my money. Statistics indicate that I'm better renumerated than 72% of Kenyan households and majority of world population. The facts on the ground are different, especially that apart from stocks, I don't have furniture, let alone a car under my name. I think I need a refresher on the Personal Finance seminar I went to as part of my introduction here at work. Balance is key but he who lends will be refreshed.

One interesting argument I've been having with a workmate is about taking risks. I believe risks should be calculated (explains somewhat why I'm single) in order to get a best return with minimal cost. Investing in stocks is one of those, it's considered high risk, but people are making a killing! One says, if you don't study the 'rules' of the game, no wonder one gets hurt. For my colleague, he advised me not to apply for an EFT transfer for Scangroup refunds, terming it suicide. Turns out, the refund hit my bank account early last week, but as for him, his stock broker is still giving him the runaround for his cheque. Truth be told, while I applied for the EFT, I did it seriously halfheartedly, but turns out it paid off. Read Paul's tip on the same.


At 9/04/2006 7:25 pm , Anonymous acolyte said...

Nice post!I think people make way too much about hooking up!I think that as long as you are young and happy dont rush into things because once you get hitched you may end up with alot of regrets.
I think it is about time you became a tad bit harsh when it comes to giving out money because such things may come to haunt you in the future.How do you not have anything to your name other than shares.Do you live with your folks?Just procur things bit by bit and you'l lbe fine.
No risk, no reward; that sums it up!

At 9/04/2006 8:44 pm , Blogger nick said...

tae u r time dont listen to what others think or life as u know best how

At 9/04/2006 10:38 pm , Blogger tanyanedmcw said...

Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth; and let thy heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth, and walk in the ways of thine heart, and in the sight of thine eyes: but know thou, that for all these things God will bring thee into judgment

At 9/05/2006 3:35 pm , Blogger mwasjd said...

acol: thanks for the vibe. I don't live with my folks, that's where some of the cash goes. I'm sure the bit by bit procurement is the way to go.

nick: thanks for the go slow advice, only one chance to live ama?

adhis: I feel the Proverbs vibe, will watch my step

At 9/15/2006 7:35 pm , Blogger pesa tu said...

Funny thing we'r the same age with same presuures.Yeah am 26 ,get that single thing all the time. By the way do girls call u and try to set you up on dates? i get that frequently.

On investment, am going for Stanadrd Group toward the year end.

At 9/25/2006 7:59 am , Blogger mwasjd said...

Pesa tu: You get girls calling you to ask for dates? Lucky you!!! I'm not that fortunate, yet but once in a while it happens. Pressures of life, that's what makes life worth living.

Word on the street is that Standard Grp will switch to main index, but it has really risen the last couple of months. I'm not sure whether it already peaked, so will wait on that one.


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