Tuesday, July 11, 2006

26 and counting

Yesterday was the day I turned 26 (unlucky 13 * 2). No significance in terms of anything I should have achieved by then, but all the same giving thanks to God for another year, especially considering 1 year ago I was in campus in the middle of my final year exams, now I'm in my dream job in one of the top companies in the country. The day consisted of work, work and more work. At lunchtime, went to see my stock broker about the sale of my Kengen shares, and was told the cheque will be out on thursday. But my mom travels to Sudan on friday, so I had to organize a loan from a colleague. Left the office at 7.15, hooked up with a former campus mate in town for pizza. Reaching home, found out that my niece & sister had forgotten about the day!!! They'd confused it with my mom's birthday, which is today, and called her. This actually helped my mom remember that it was my birthday. If it wasn't for the many friends, including my other sis in SA, who remembered, it could have been nasty!!

Social scene is a bit crazy. Took out no 1 contender to a classy joint near digs for a couple glasses of red wine for birthday celebration(broke my 7 month sober streak in the process), then we hang out at my digs. It seems there might be some serious adjustments to status quo underway. Details at the moment are not available on this site unfortunately...

Financially, got a link to some interesting site called stock-detective.co.ke from ex-girlfriend version 2.0 (details also not available on this site). If you are investing in ScanGroup, it has a nice read here. I had a similar idea about such a site, but it seems someone beat me to it. But I'm not impressed coz it doesn't have any analysis on stock trends, having just pasted figures from the nse site. I put up a post on their public discussion board under the cover mwasjd. (See it here)

As far as work goes, had the annual appraisal with the bo$$, and I hope he $ee$ thing$ my way, come end of next month. The company has put up the ad for our jobs here, and it's kinda sad since I'm in the pioneer program, which got most guys in the company showing you respect. Now with more people on the way, our elite status looks set to be watered down. Well, I enjoyed it while it lasted. The boss gave us the assignment of setting 3 questions for their interview. I went for simple stuff, but my colleagues have gone ballistic, coming up with logic puzzles that would put a nuclear physicist to tears.

Speaking of questions, check out another use for your mobile phone here. I wonder if this will make you reconsider making calls after this.


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