Tuesday, July 18, 2006

HE just keeps on getting better and better

Hey good people
The sun's out after many days in hiding and the past few days have been rather pleasant. Apparently I came across the Meteorological guys on tv, a couple days ago, saying that the cold weather would end, and as always these people are unbelievable. But funny enough they were kind of right.

Why the title? Consider this, I thought I bought HFCK shares at 33/- (refer to some previous post). When I sold my Kengen shares at 39/- (327% increase), I got my shares statement. Apparently, the HFCK shares were bought for 26.50/- meaning that since they have closed today at 30/- I'm no longer in the red ( the fly chic was actually right!!!). HFCK are announcing their half year results 2 fridays from now, and have stated that they expect good results (consider they made profit of 300 mil in the 1st quarter). I plan to sell them just as they announce which should be a good peak. For now, I'm looking at the ScanGroup IPO plus also Sameer Africa which is quite low at 17/- but I bet prospects are good for capital gains even as we enter earnings season. Then, I usually hang out with a crew called The Journey, who run a rock gig every Friday at Ufungamano auditorium. The group targets campuserians, with nice music and interactive discussions. Friday, they set up a surprise birthday bash for me, cake and song. I was too jazzed. Yaani, after a less than eventful birthday, that was really special. Yaani maisha is too cool considering the wealth (money + friends), but I always figure God likes me too much. I don't deserve His goodness, but when stuff is sawa, it is SAWA. One love for life, Lord.

Social, well I accepted an ice cream date with ex version 2.0 (1st time in 2yrs since she left me) on Sunday but this didn't go well. Considering we didn't have closure following the fallout, vibe was mzuri when we talked about corporate stuff, but when the social vibe came, I clamped shut. I couldn't get myself to open up, having buried all the hurt and pain inside. So we ended up in a stalemate. I haven't replied her text or email sent soon after. I can't say I feel good about it, but considering what I went through, I feel separation is probably the safest mode of contact for now...

Jana I made up with this chic who we hadn't been seeing eye to eye on stuff. It had been bugging me for a while, then we got a lift home pamoja, so sitting at the back seat, we got to vibe and I got to apologize (obviously it was me on the wrong with my attitude issues), and that felt really good. I wish that could be the same with all the chics in my life...

My mom finally departed for Sudan, a 3 day journey by road. I got to know she's going to a town called Torit (just north of the Kenya & Uganda border & gratefully far from Darfur - see it in a map here) with her niece (who I got to meet that night with her family - what a close bunch of relatives we are) to set up hair products business + look for other opportunities. After saying goodbyes (and parting with my Kengen returns as investment in her business venture), I'm now saddled with the house responsibilities, ensuring that the bills are covered and groceries are in stock. My life as a kid is fast on its way to the finish line!!!!


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