Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Of share prices and beautiful women

I'm recovering from a long weekend spent in Taveta, part of corporate social responsibility. It was a medical camp, so spent Saturday taking blood pressure measurements (see my pic here ). Company CSR is usually a fun filled event coz free food n drinks. Met the local MP, Dr Naomi Shaaban, who is intelligent and well versed in politics and development. Her track record is impressive, considering project works there and sitting down and listening to her proved a worthwhile thing. She is a wonderful host and a party animal.

I got to charm 5 med school grads over there and even got a big hug from one of them, much to the chagrin of my job colleagues. I guess when the stars are in the right place, stuff seems to go right, as in all jokes are funny, vibe flows... wish it could happen always.

The other weekend, also CSR, took part in a walk to end hunger at the UNEP headquaters (www.fighthunger.org). I still wonder how a 5km stroll followed by a sumptuous buffet ends hunger but I guess there's a good cause in all that somewhere.

The HFCK shares (www.nse.co.ke) are improving (currently at 28). I went to see the stock broker beginning of the month, she is a fly chic. I wanted Mumias shares at 45, she suggested HFCK at 33. I fell for her charm, HFCK dropped to 19, Mumias topped 68 in 2 wks! I'm a sucker for fly women, but this has to end or it will be the end of me.


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