Tuesday, August 15, 2006

After leave, reality

I've resumed work today following the four day leave. It was worth it all the way, and wouldn't mind going again (forever, if they maintain the salary + benefits). I still have 29 more days left for leave which have to be taken by end of March. Day 1 of leave, decided to set up a date with the small sis of the no 1 contender chic. We'd only been vibing on fone, so we go to meet, took her out for lunch then took a mat to her digs (where I'd never been) just to surprise the older sis. That was too cool!!! Then took my best friend out for lunch last friday, we got to vibe which was long overdue (work hinders someone from such things). Background is that I taught him everything I knew on hooking up chics in our late teens, and now he's a pro. Apparently, he's got so many chics on his back, loaded ones, international ones, super spiritual ones etc. Yaani, I'm jealous. But fact is he's open to all while I invest in a firewall to keep them far. I love my space, yet they still keep on coming... Did I mention ex chic version 2.0 sent me a mail today detailing the key points to identifying the right marriage partner? Go figure!!!!

Financially, though I'm kinda broke, good news is that HFCK broke the 40 bob mark yesterday and is going higher, so my capital gain is over 50%. My colleague at work, who stood by me when they fell to 19, is insisting I sell, but I 'm struggling with greed. I want to wait till it levels out but have already made the killing I wanted. Scangroup was oversubscribed 5 times. Since I bought 2k shares for a pal of my sis in SA, I'm waiting for the allocation results to act accordingly. Too bad they aren't my own!! As for East African Cables, they are too much to bear, closing at 581. I noted them last year but was not in a position to trade, with the share split coming, might go for it.

Apparently the Kenyan Blogging Community has taken me to heart a bit, I got a few comments plus a mention in another guy's blog. Aint that cool or what? Must keep tabs on pple and establish good contacts.

Came back to work today, only to find that the team building had been postponed to next month. I was so psyched but well have to bear. I reported to the Risk Management division, will be there for a month. It's quite chilled out as compared to Finance. On that note, I missed out on presenting my report, since it was late in the day. As a result, I got a suicide presentation for the other Friday, was dressed in jeans and a summer t-shirt. Add to that, the harshest managers were in attendance. I got more damage than Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon under Israeli fire. Yaani, pure disaster! I'm sure that's my worst presentation result ever. Wondering how the results will be...
The bosses come back this week after heading to recruit guys for this program in US & UK. Apparently one of the successful applicants tracked me down on graduates.com. He's just texted me, called, and we've just been chatting on yahoo messenger. I figure the guy is a genius to have surfed the net looking for info on the program. (Or I'm genius to have updated my profile on graduates.com, second hit already!). I've given him 411 on the program and he looks set to join. Interesting enough, another applicant I assisted during the process made it all the way. How I met him, we were in the same campus, but his girlfriend's dad and my mom are cousins. That link is crazy but apparently if you follow your roots, i.e. attend funerals & weddings and network like it's a business function, you could strike gold! I'm sure both will pay off in the long run...

The ekklesia kicked off and is getting on well, though I got an offer from a rival one that is composed of younger pple and has one of a former high school (sister school) chic who had a crush on me (she's the one inviting). The american couple who host make nice chocolate chip cookies, and I unashamedly carry a bunch of them home with me. Bila pice. Interesting spiritual lesson learnt in the past week. Life is like a piece of glass. The more silver you have, the more you see yourself only (mirror). Wealth is good, but I'm a steward (everything belongs to God), and should use it to benefit others (who I see through the glass) not myself (mirror).


At 8/15/2006 10:03 pm , Blogger Couch 'tato said...

LOL we are a nice neat community..and i like how u called me "another guy" that was funny!(tho this is my other persona blog)

LOL keep contacts...enyewe...u will make buddies from comments

Am on leave as we speak...lovn every moment of it

At 8/16/2006 10:03 am , Blogger mwasjd said...

Hey nick

Enjoy the leave, yaani it's to die for. As for the links, hey it still points to you somehow.

At 8/17/2006 10:20 am , Blogger Prousette said...

That is a very interesting observation about silver and the mirror.

Welcome to the blogosphere and KBW.

At 8/17/2006 10:54 am , Blogger mwasjd said...

Muchos gracias Prousette

Hope you get more silver but still see more thro' the glass.


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