Saturday, July 01, 2006

(UN)Lucky 13

It's my thirteenth consecutive day at work, still working on some reconciliation project for accounts section of the company. Sadly, I don't feel the appreciation, but company policy is that 'we don't reward effort, only results'. Well the annual appraisal is this coming week and since the boss saw me leaving the office at 7.30 pm a few days ago, hoping that I'll get a raise that reflects the effort. Above all, I love my job and give thanks to God daily for it, it's my dream job.

As for world cup, no much enthusiasm from my side, maybe coz the african teams are out and european teams are winning, but more so coz I lost psyche following end of my campus life, where having a soccer following was primary. Things in the working world are somewhat different, people have other concerns, like money and relationships.

Social scene is awful, I guess if you wish for something, it comes true. How (un)lucky is that. Now, no chics in the scene, the no. 1 contender went silent so the winter weather is not only on the outside but inside as well!!!

Interesting news story I've been following is on one Warren Buffet, the jamaa who made his fortune from stock trading (why do you think I do it?) and has just relinquished his no 2 position as richest man, by donating some $37 billion to the foundation owned by no 1 richest man, Bill Gates. You can read the actual letters he wrote for relinquishing his wealth here. Lunch with Buffet was on offer on Ebay for some $600 k. Check this opinion on Bill Gates foundation. My opinion, the spiritual law of giving is as real as the natural law of gravity. It's proven that if you give, you get. As for motives and use, I guess God will be the judge of that. For all my friends, just make sure you have a foundation in the offing, it could be you who'll share my wealth. I'll sign off with the words of Jesus Christ in Luke 16:9 - Use earthly money to make friends, when it is all gone, you will be welcomed into their eternal homes.


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