Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Image matters...

Well, it seems I've been working here for a bit long. Have started noticing quite a number of staffing changes, people quiting, being fired, or being hired... and I thought this place was cozy! I'd read earlier on corporate culture, and apparently the need to understand a company's 'politics' is crucial in how your existence will be. See an interesting article here. But so far I'm easy, the current dept I'm in doesn't have any hands on work I can do, so I get to surf most of the time other than peruse some of their process documents and ask a couple of questions here and there.

Church has been focussing on arts this month and hosted a jazz fest last sato and a fashion show sunday night. More like revolutionary rather than controversial, but hey, God is the master artist ama? Speaking on the same, the ekklesia is doing well, 3 new persons attended. One was a british lady, who apparently recognized me, ati we sat next to each other in some service months ago. It was one of those, greet your neighbour pr exercises, and shock on me coz I remember her, she was quite enthusiastic about the whole thing! Guess it's a lesson that you don't show attitude to those guys you come across, it's a small world apparently...

Had a date yesterday evening. A pal was celebrating her birthday, (more like going thro the motions) and was bila anyone to take her out. So I pull the superhero thing, call her at 6 in the evening, get her to beg for it, then hook up in town at 8 for a polite coffee date. Was quite nice actually, though had to open up a lot which isn't my style. Might hit 3 other dates by Sunday, one of which is a wedding that I've invited no.1 contender as my bride, sorry I mean escort! But my sis, who is one of the brides maids together with my niece who's a flower girl, wants me to be her driver for the day, and that would coz some logistical issues.

Financially, sold 2 thirds of my HFCK shares at 41.75/- earning a cool 56% capital gain in 3 months. I've invested in Mumias, hoping that the wave of good success goes on. The price dropped when the govt announced that they will release more shares, but signs are the the company is set for good times ahead. Other prospects for me include Standard Newspapers and Unga Group in the short term. All of a sudden, mob people are on my case regarding investment advice. I give hints only as far as what established investors say plus information gathered from blogs (see links on the left), but in the end, everyone makes their own decision and bears the cost! Penny for your thoughts about the money rat race: "Like a rat in a maze, the path before me lies. And the pattern never alters, until the rat dies."


At 8/22/2006 7:09 pm , Blogger Kibet said...

Yeah, i had about the arts festival which i thought was a great idea!

Ekklesia (small fellowships) in my view are among the best means of growth as a christian, especially if you have a reasonably sized group who are free and real with each other. Am in the same sort of thing and it has really helped us grow and share freely our experiences!

I have this confidence (which some pple argue is more emotional than rational) that the HFCK share after a few more results announcements shall hit the seventies; thus i've held onto mine for almost 2 yrs now! Curiously, what's the rationale behind your anticipation on Standard Group & Unga?

Incidentally, might you have heard of AFLEWO (Africa Lets Worship) and the AFLEWO 06 event scheduled for Sept. 29 at Nyayo St?

At 8/23/2006 8:55 am , Blogger mwasjd said...

Kibet, thanks for visiting.

The arts fest is a killer, yaani creativity of the highest order. As for ekklesia, I'm the youngest in the group so it is kind of dificult to be free and real, but hopefully this will change.

As for HFCK, congrats for the patience. I guess you could be right that it will go higher. But I tend to stick with trends, which means I profit take on upswings - more emotional than rational. Standard Group figures are better and they move to the main index in January, Unga will release improved results citing Uchumi's revival and the rains.

I have a pal who sings for the AFLEWO choir and she's always inviting me for it, bado sijaguzwa.

At 8/29/2006 5:28 pm , Anonymous mushenzi said...

kengen has been rising consistently in the past 3 days. There appears to be something brewing on this counter.....

At 9/01/2006 1:00 pm , Blogger mwasjd said...


I've noted Kengen's rise though it's kind of surprising since the govt decision not to effect the rise in rates charged to KPLC.

I saw one of the managers on KTN business news jana saying the company wants the govt to rescind its decision. If that doesn't happen, Kengen loses some 2 billion in revenue, which it had projected in its financial valuation during the share offer.

I guess maybe it hit its psychological bottom at 31 so it's up up up for now.


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