Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Broken news?

Hey good people
Sorry for absence but kazi ni nyingi. Recently completed my third book of the year called 'Questions of Life' (www.alpha.or.uk) which gives insight to (obviously) questions of life, directing guys to belief in God of the Bible. A must read for foundation establishment in the Christian walk. My target was a book a month, but have been caught up by events. I've read 'Messy Spirituality' and 'What's So Amazing About Grace' which isn't bad at all. We'll see how the year ends.
As for work, we recently went to Sopa Lodge Lake Naivasha for Technical Division team building. Highlights included touch rugby, where I proceeded to earn a bad rep by body checking the only female Head of Department (she was going to make a try, I had to do something!), dancing some lingala song (we had HomeBoyz) with some chic also on team building from the company that sells Preventor condoms (now this is the part where you say NO to your imagination, only dancing, no names or numbers or any vibe of sorts, just 1 song), cool food and superb atmosphere, made many friends. One competition included a prize for the staff member who'd know most people's names, apparently no one seemed to know my name, which established me as a ghost worker!!
I'm down with the flu, went to Acacia Medical Centre, Kenyatta Avenue, on saturday. I met 3 friends, all with flu. Must be really catching. My mom's planning to go to Sudan, for biashara, so my heart's a bit tense coz yaani you see on tv how stuff is like those sides. Praying for the best of things, though this means I have to liquidate my shares in Kengen to support her.
Social, went for a graduation bash for a pal (I inspired him, and now he's a doctor, yaani I feel humbled), got to vibe a fly chic with a sawa phone. Turns out she's in form 2, which makes her under 18 (sa mi ningejuaje?). Otherwise, the no 1 ranked chic is making serious moves up the ladder (flowing vibe, body chemistry, the works) & competition is distant. I'm quite concerned about this (I believe in fair trade, not monopolies - despite the company I work for) so it's with a heavy heart that I'm looking to even things up by giving the few potential chics in my life extra marks, to try bridge the gap, and cool down things up here. Any ideas???


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