Wednesday, July 26, 2006

exploiting potential

I was going through website and on the primary school section, came across the picture of one of the chics I had a crush on. Apparently she's in the States, still in campo. Looking at the picture makes me wonder what might have been. Wait, I still wonder about what might have been with too many chics who've traversed my inner space.

I was at French cultural centre last Saturday, went to watch a play by Heartstring Ensemble titled ' How the other half lives'. As always, Heartstring delivered with the play, sold out, which was a jaw splitting comedy of 3 couples and issues of infidelity and sorting out other people's domestics highlighted. It was interesting that I went for this play alone. It seems the law says that the animals in the ark go in two by two. I met several people and was being introduced to the other half. Walking out of the auditorium alone was especially difficult as everyone can see that you are solo unlike them, and you know that you can't ingilia other couple's vibe, especially at the end of the play (8.30 p.m.). But I'll stay strong, coz singlehood is my style. Can't fall now, can I?

Finally finished my Finance Division rotation at work. There was a stakeholders meeting today to discuss the contents of the project I was working on. No praise headed my way, considering I'd put in nights and weekends (including a Sunday), but actually extra work, which I politely turned down owing to the program timetable.

I'd been a consultant for the last 2 weeks as people tried to figure out how to join the program I'm in. The final interviews were conducted yesterday, with the applicants going through hurdles just to get there. The intake is set for September, hope we pioneers will still retain our aura of importance.

I volunteer for a program called Junior Achievement at Nairobi school, which involves helping the said club to form an actual company, run it profitably and liquidate it. While I was handed 3 lovely ladies from our company to assist, sad to say they have never gotten up to the challenge and more often than not, I've been running the show by myself. This hasn't been so bad since I've gotten to learn a lot in terms of enterpreneurship and last week, a guest speaker invited to address the club was the MD of the CDSC. I got to speak with him at the end of the event, told him of a business idea I had concerning stock trading, he gave me a lift back to work and his business card and told me I could contact him anytime concerning the idea. Now I've set myself a deadline of 3 months to make the idea a reality.

This is totally freaky. I updated my phone number this morning when on my profile, then right now 1.55 pm, I get a text from a chic who was in the same primo but moved to states and we'd emailed a bit earlier this year (not the one I had a crush on), saying that she's in the country for 2 weeks on hols. She got my number from the site!!! Call that coincidence, luck or what??? We hook up kesho lunchtime, this will definately be interesting.


At 7/26/2006 4:48 pm , Blogger POTASH said...

just discovering this blog...wacha I check out the Archives to see what you are about.

At 8/02/2006 11:10 am , Blogger mwasjd said...

Jienjoy as you discover


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