Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Guess who's back

Hi friends
Sorry for being lost, yaani work is too much. I joined the Finance dept of our organization and surely discovered the meaning behind 'overworked'. The short of it is that I've been on Excel for the last one week, then ended up messing a lot of my work trying to impress my supervisor on using macros, pysche is at an all time low... It's 5.54 pm and I figure I'll start the recovery process tomorrow morning.

As for the blog, imagine the webmarshal software blocked me from access so you'll excuse me, had to crack it by force leo. Repercussions? We'll wait and see.

Socially, I'm down seriously. Wondering if there's hope. I've just messed up a sawa friendship (again) and the chic I dig, never emails despite us bumping into each other several times in town. I'm going for a Freedom For Hunger walk this Sunday at UN hq in Gigiri, might be lucky. In the meantime, I'll let work dominate my thinking.

Spiritually, I've been thinking a lot about God and relating with Him. Yaani most times I feel like I've let Him down, though grace keeps me going. In the corporate jungle, with stuff like benchmarks, I end up balancing my accounts and they are seriously in the red! As in I spend time (reduced) with Him, serve in 2 diff ministries, try being there for my mates, but still feel extremely inadequate...

Check out the site www.africaopenforbusiness.com, I came across it on the BBC tv channel, extremely inspiring for anyone in africa who psyches to go into business.


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