Monday, January 15, 2007

Spare time

Nice (but seemingly short) weekend saw me spend most of it watching Prison Break. Took me from 31st Dec to last saturday to finish season 1, and I'm now midway season 2. I must admit that guys said it was good and I wasn't too enthusiastic but when I got to sit down and watch the whole season through, it's a killer.

Update on the book scene, I finished Men are like Waffles - Women are like Spaghetti and the essence of the book is that jamaas keep their stuff separate i.e. work, family, relationships, money etc while chics integrate (engineering speak) kila kitu so you can't affect one without the others. This apparently shows why jamaas can't keep up with a chic's conversation, since he's unable to jump in between boxes at the speed the chic keeps switching. A summary of the book is that women seek security (yaani it's true) while men seek simplicity. As always, there's debate as to the validity of the findings, but I'll take what I like and leave the rest.

My next read is How to Grow Leaders, an interesting book by one of the top gurus in leadership, John Adair. Useful for organizations seeking to grow leaders. Interestingly, as part of the trainee program I'm in, my first assignment was to write a report on the difference between managers and leaders. The person who gave this assignment wanted to ingrain in us the fact that leaders are needed more than managers in the corporate world, since staff need people who'll get them to do what
is difficult, without being pushed and actually delight in it, stuff to do with vision and purpose as opposed to process and function. Guess no better foundation with which to start one's career ama?

That, coupled with a visit to the latest addition to my collection of nieces (welcome to the world GNW) and helping a pal to carry a water container from town to her digs, is a peek of one of my interesting weekends. How was yours???



At 1/15/2007 9:00 pm , Blogger Couch 'tato said...

best beliee that show rocks..have u reached the episode where Bellick's in jail and soon will be a cell bitch? and that M.I.B turns to good?

At 1/20/2007 12:46 pm , Blogger pesa tu said...

Gotta love to hate T-bag

At 1/22/2007 8:11 am , Blogger mwasjd said...

Couch 'tato: I finished it on Sato, got to admit I don't envy Bellick's situation, yaani same cell as where he'd sent the kijana. Awful!!!! As for MIB, good for him kupigwa pasi. The ending left so many things hanging, which is good coz there's room for several more seasons.

Pesa tu: How come the worst of the worst got the best of it, despite the loss of his hand? Crazy!

At 1/23/2007 2:19 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

lucky yall that have time to sit and watch good stuff. i spend my time reading( am in uni) not coz i want 2 but coz i have 2. cant wait to hav a jobo

At 1/23/2007 3:40 pm , Blogger mwasjd said...


You have time, you just need to manage it properly. I work during the day but not nights and weekends, so take full advantage of your rest periods and have fun. That's the essence of campus! Jobbo isn't necessarily = fun!!!

At 1/30/2007 6:17 pm , Blogger mushenzi said...

Mwasjd, PB rocks men. That show is too captivating!

At 1/31/2007 8:21 am , Blogger mwasjd said...

You bet Mushenzi! Can't wait for season 2 to kwisha, it's too deadly. I checked out the official website, there's enough material for several more seasons, so tutaenjoy.
Lakini umenyamaza sana, job mob ama??

At 1/31/2007 8:44 am , Blogger mushenzi said...

Mwasjd..we are kinda too swamped.

All in all...
I've come to get you out of here.
That's impossible.
Not if you designed the place, it isn't.

'nuff said...

At 1/31/2007 4:41 pm , Blogger mwasjd said...

You’ve seen the blueprints?

Better than that. [shows his tattoos] I’ve got 'em on me.


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