Friday, April 18, 2008

I should be out drinking

I've had a performance appraisal this afternoon covering the last 6 months. The period in question has been challenging to say the least. We started as a team of 3, one guy quit, we had to do a work around. Then after coming back on leave, the lead consultant (the other guy) had visa issues and had to go back to his home country, leaving me and another guy moved from another section to hold fort. Then another manager went on leave, and I've also covered for him.

In the midst of all the changes, I have yet to get a grip on my work and of course the boss picked out all the objectives that were expected of me and there was nothing to say in my defence. I think I wore black for a good reason coz he nuked me pretty bad. Missed targets, hiding behind the consultant instead of taking the lead, not being worth management material despite being given the responsibilities (designate not actual - i.e. salo ni ya mwananchi bado), unresolved customer issues, poor follow up and resolution of technical issues and so on and so forth.

Usually appraisal is two way (in theory?), but in my case, with no defence to speak of, I could only agree that yes I have failed. Sad but true. So now I'm just stressed and depressed. Hope the weekend will be too much fun to make me forget coz I don't want Monday morning to come, we are yet to conclude the appraisal.

My hope for the coming 6 months? Psalms 18:29 With Your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall.

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At 4/19/2008 12:56 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pole Bro,

Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts.
KJV Prov 31:6

At 4/19/2008 3:13 pm , Anonymous mwari said...

Don't be hard on yourself!

You know very well that, that appraisal report does not potray the correct picture. You worked hard. You are probably allowing others to shovel things on to you, which are not part of your designated objectives. This is what you should address with your manager. Don't be stressed, rather pick up the pieces, re-strategise for the next appraisal.
All the best!

At 4/19/2008 5:30 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehehe ati you should be out drinking..pole but I dont agree. Just dust yourself and get on with making the next one better.


At 4/19/2008 8:13 pm , Blogger Seasons & Reasons said...

It seems you know why your appraisal tanked..and if you spoke earlier, could have avoided being loaded with other peoples responsibilities.

Chalk this to experience and you know what to do better.. best of luck

At 4/20/2008 2:03 am , Anonymous DaudElRude said...

Some advice that i got once when iwas in such a situation..... own your failures bila excuse and the identify how you are going to change them.That is what top notch management types do.Failures are part of success find out what does not work.

DaudelRude (Did I do that?!...Steve Urkel)

At 4/22/2008 11:50 am , Blogger Maua said...

I guess your psychological contract terms changed from relational to transantional.

U've got 6 months to reverse that.

At 4/26/2008 1:13 pm , Blogger mwasjd said...

Thanks for feeling me on the heavy heart condition

You are all the encouragement I need at this particular point. But things that aren't part of my objectives are actually avenues for learning, I can't pass up. Re-strategizing is definately my plan for next round.

I didn't go out drinking. But I definately spent time in the dust, moaning my bad luck.

I'll be better for next time round.

Top-notch management sounds very nice. I guess I'm in the learning phase of things

That was deep. Haven't figured out exactly what it means, but I'll work harder/smarter for the next 6 months.


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